Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Fruit Cake

Because I am away this week**, I have left Bob a cake, to enjoy in my absence. It’s Nigella’s Clementine Cake – I blogged about this here and again here. [I happened to have a load of fruit which needed using up]

  • The first time, I made it to Ms Lawson’s original recipe. This does require that you cook the clementines for a couple of hours. Not a recipe to whip up quickly in the evening after work!
  • The second time I halved quantities, and substituted semolina plus almond essence for the more expensive ground almonds. This worked out much cheaper. I also cooked the fruit in the pressure cooker to save time. It tasted fine.
  • This time, I did the full quantity again. But I used half and half almonds and semolina – and I microwaved the fruit [375gm of fruit, pierced all over, in a covered Pyrex bowl with 1tbsp water, cooked on high for 10 minutes] This saved both time and energy.

This third incarnation tastes just as good, and I sampled a slice with a spoonful of natural yogurt as dessert before I left home.


Click back to the earlier posts if you want the recipe![** I am at a WWDP Residential Conference in Sussex, planning for March 2016]


  1. I'm not a big fan of orangey things but, this recipe sounds lovely.
    Will Bob pace himself with the cake and make it last all week?

  2. I've made this cake before too. I've 'cut' the almonds half and half with polenta which works well too.

  3. So far behind with everything am i that it is good to see pause for Advent here! Could I still sign up? Cake looks delicious- i was at a friend's cookery school (in her cottage, in front of her Aga) last night and she made a fabulous coconut cake. I'm going to call it Snow cake and serve it to the boys at THAT time of the year....


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