Sunday 15 June 2014

Don’t Forget!

forgetful heart

I have no idea whether I will be able to post blogs whilst in Salzburg – so this one has been set up in advance for Sunday morning.

This is the review of the book which I read on my recent ‘retreat’

Lucy’s website is here, and details for purchasing the book here.

I have known Lucy Mills, the author of this book, for some time. Like me, she’s a blogger, and the wife of a Baptist Pastor. I took the book with me when I went on a retreat recently – and was so pleased I had done so, as I found it incredibly helpful. Lucy looks at the importance of remembering God in a world where there are so many other things clamouring for our attention. She is a gifted wordsmith, and the book is easy to read. The four sections look at different aspects of remembering, and the many helpful scriptural references are balanced by contemporary anecdotes – Lucy is honest about her own struggles, and full of encouragements [she says she doesn’t want to leave the reader ‘awash with guilt’!] Each chapter ends with an optional ‘reflection exercise’ – I opted to do those ‘properly’ with a pen, Bible and notebook. They did not take too long, and I felt they really enabled me to assimilate the lessons I was learning. Mind you, I think Bob was concerned, when he phoned to see how I was getting on, and I told him I had just written my obituary!

In an age where so much is on screen, information is conveyed in txt spk, with emoticons, and where relationships often seem based on trivial facebook comments, this book reminds us that in the beginning was The Word, Logos. Lucy brings us back to the awesome creator God who made us and loves us. She shows how He always remembers us – and gives many ways to help us truly remember Him. Her ideas are manageable, workable ones, born out of her own experience, and worth trying out. I was fortunate to have space to read this right through in three days – but most people won’t have that. Please don’t say “I am too busy” – read a chapter [or half] each day and you will soon find that you want to be making more space for remembering Him. This book made me smile, pray, weep and laugh out loud – but best of all, it deepened my relationship with God. Go buy it!!


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