Saturday, 21 June 2014

Strigine Strangeness


A bizarre tweet [tu-wheet?] earlier this week suggested that the Labour Party were proposing that everyone should have their own owl. [btw, strigine  means ‘pertaining to owls’, I just looked it up!] After much hilarity, a party spokesman said this was incorrect, some evil old bird had hacked in to their Twitter account.

3562298927_aef41d3cda_bWhat should it have said?

Maybe it was that we all need our own towel fans of Hitchhiker have known this fact for years. But it would be useful if the state provided them for us


Maybe it was cowls - the cost of heating our home sis going up and up – we need protection from the elements. Or maybe they mean cowls for our chimneys, assuming we can afford to have a fire in the grate?

egluPerhaps it should have been fowl not owl – my dream of keeping my own chickens could come true at last – I could have a stylish eglu in the back garden and fresh eggs every day [as the song says, how do you like your eggs in the morning?]

oliver 'more'

Did they miss another initial letter from the word- we all need our own bowl -  so that we can go out begging?

Just realised that short eared owl is an anagram of …

O Ed, rather slow!

ed milliband owls mail


  1. Loved that last picture..

  2. Ha ha, this is funny! So I wonder what was really intended.x


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