Sunday, 1 June 2014

Garden Retreat

The rain has been quite heavy, so I never got into the summerhouse once during my retreat- but when I woke on Friday, the sun was shining and I thought I ought to make some sort of attempt to cut the Cornerstones grass before I drove back to Kirby. As I pushed the mower up and down, I noticed quite a few plants were flourishing which fitted in so well with my retreat.

Thyme – it was such a blessing to have time away from the business of life to read, reflect, relax


Rosemary – for remembrance- Lucy’s book about remembering God was exactly the right book to take with me for the week


Sage – the herb of wisdom – praying that the wisdom I received from God this week will help me act wisely and speak wisely


Pansies – pensees – so many thoughts, and time to think clearly [one question though – how did these two flowers come to be growing right in the middle of the lawn, deep in the long grass?]


A white rose – symbol of peace and love – found unexpectedly behind a lavender bush. [I did not plant it there] I found much peace this week, and was conscious of the love of God all around me.


Look how the flowers grow: they do not work or make clothes for themselves. But I tell you that not even King Solomon with all his wealth had clothes as beautiful as one of these flowers


  1. I carried a few sprigs of Rosemary & Lavender as my wedding bouquet, I picked them from my garden as I left for the registry office. Rosemary for remembrance, for those no longer with us, Lavender for devotion, we are a devoted couple.

  2. And lavender is also known as nard, the perfume poured out for the love of Christ

  3. How lovely to be able to track your time out through the plants you found there. Nature is amazing and things grow in some strange places - we once had an amaryllis in the garden which we had never planted for sure and every year it came up with its beautiful pink flower but where had it come from?!

  4. A white rose, how perfect. I'm always delighted if I find 'new' plants inn the garden.
    So glad you are feeling more restored after your retreat.

  5. It is so true, 'neither do they toil nor do they spin'. In their short life span they simply live out their assigned purpose. The Lord teaches us so much thru his creation. Thanks for sharing these plants and their meanings. I had not ever learned this before. Thanks!

  6. They are beautiful without trying- just revelling in God's beautiful hand! I love your analogy- all very true and important and how clever of you to make the links x


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