Saturday, 14 June 2014

My Ears Hurt!

Four hours of listening to translation through headphones this morning. All very intense. Plus the headsets are uncomfortable, the front unit hangs down and pulls on your ears. Some women are balancing them in the top of their heads like little hats. Maggie and I tried but they fell off again, and we giggled. The heat and much walking has left me with very swollen ankles.

But these are trivial things. Morning prayers were led by the Ukrainian ladies, all very upset about the plane incident. Many of us wept with them as they shared their distress - language was unnecessary then.

Surprisingly homesick today, thinking about Messy Church this afternoon and the service tomorrow morning (fathers day) must go to a craft workshop now.

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  1. Hope all the discomfort will have been beautifully eclipsed by the blessing of interesting folk and moving times xx Get those feet in some cold water and then up, up, up!


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