Thursday, 19 June 2014

Friendship Blossoms



Our fuchsia bush is really looking stunning this summer. It was a gift, in 2000, from a lovely lady, Ellen Newbold. Ellen died at the weekend, whilst I was in Austria. Although she’d lived around Leicester all her life, at one point her Pastor was Rev Ivan Milstead who came here from Essex- the same man who baptised my Mum, and conducted my parent’s wedding. That link made a very special bond between us.

Ellen loved the old hymns, and often used to come and help when Bob and I conducted services in the Care Homes. Latterly she has been in a home herself, and not in good health. Now she is released from pain, and is rejoicing and singing in heaven.

RIP Ellen – my fuchsias will always remind me of you


  1. Isn't it great when our gardens remind us of friends. Much nicer than just the anonymity of a garden centre.

  2. I'm am sorry for her loss but glad for her gain. Howovely a memento x

  3. I love the stories that are behind things. To anyone else it's just a fushia bush but to you it'll always be Ellens fushia bush.


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