Thursday, 5 June 2014

Raindrops On Roses…

…and whiskers on kittens

IMG_2133It occurred to me that I might need a lightweight packaway rainproof jacket for Austria. At the rather pathetic boot fair we visited last Bank Holiday Monday [just ten cars – and no little van selling tea or bacon cobs either] the only purchase made was this Gelert jacket, for just £1. I wore it for the rest of the day, and yes, it is definitely waterproof! “I shall have to make a little bag to pack it in” I said.

Then disaster struck for Steph as we visited the Botanic Gardens – her umbrella collapsed. It was a child’s brolly she’d got for less than a quid, when caught in a shower in Dublin – and she had certainly had her money's worth from it. She was about to bin it, when I yelled “Stop! That fabric is too cute!” [spot the bewhiskered kitten!]


Bob deftly stripped the ruined frame away and I rolled up the cover and stowed it in my pocket. Back home I dug out a bundle of elastic cord and some stoppers, and made myself a little bag for the jacket. I rolled the jacket up first into a sensible sized bundle and measured it carefully. Then stitched a cylinder with casing round the top – threaded the cord through – and it is ready to pack in my suitcase


Somewhere I have a little purse frame – I shall have to make myself a matching purse.

But not this week – I am aware that purse making is an exact science. I have read Jenny @ The Custards blog, and know the bottom must be perfect. Right now I do not have the time for such skilled needlework.


  1. Dear Angela
    Delighted to hear that the 'baton of bottom alignment' is burning brightly! I look forward to seeing your purse and this draw string bag is a ruddy marvel. This is a new idea - and there are not many of those around I think. I have a few old tatty brollies.....
    Have a lovely time in Austria
    Best wishes

    1. Thank you Jenny. I never said - and should have - that my machine didn't like sewing the cheap slippy fabric. Everything had to be straight stitch - for some reason I could not zigzag. This will affect decisions about future brolly-projects.

  2. Well done Angela! Have you tried putting tissue paper between the needle and the fabric? Sometimes it helps.

  3. Loving your 'upcycling! I can see bloggers diving into bins retrieving broken brollies now! Another use for them, could be mini supports for climbing plants? The frame-work that is.

    Use thin paper or silicone coated baking paper between the machine and the material, hold the lot firmly and then when you've finished sewing, gently pull the paper away.
    Did I ask you if you wanted a 'Morning Glory' plant called, 'Heavenly blue'? Let me know, I'll keep one aside for you.
    Sandie x
    It works on most fabrics I find.

  4. Thank you E & S for the reminder about tissue paper! And yes please to plant, Sandie!!

  5. I love that retro fabric, super cute. I quite often spot abandoned umbrellas on my way home, I think the local school kids must batter each other with them to break so many. But I never thought of them as a useful resource.
    Thanks for opening my eyes :)

  6. Fantastic! Great use of a broken item and what quick thinking on your part.


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