Friday 27 June 2014

Playing The Spoons

I love spoons – especially wooden ones. Not the regular boring machine-made ones for stirring cake mix, but rather those which have been made carefully, by hand, ones which can be held in the hand, with smooth handles and curved bowls…

IMG_25171975 – a boyfriend gave me this Welsh love-spoon. The two hearts means ‘you are my equal in love’. It originally hung from a 3 link chain [allegedly meaning ‘we will have three children’] The chain, along with the bloke, have long since disappeared!IMG_2518

This one dates back to 1979 – handmade in Africa, the bowl is coconut shell. It was one of the first ‘Traidcraft’ products I ever bought. I love its clean lines and simple shape. IMG_2519

I acquired these two in 2002 – they came from Bob’s Mum’s kitchen – two mustard spoons [I have the Belgian ceramic jars that go with them]

Flat and functional, and good for serving small quantities IMG_2520

2014 -These last two were made by a friend of Liz- spoon making is his hobby. Liz gave them to me in May. We have already decided the larger one belongs with the salt pig – much nicer than the cheap plastic scoop which was there before.

Spoons are great – here’s the Spoon Council ad-  No Spoon, No Joy!


  1. Who knew there was such a thing as a 'Spoon Council'? Love that Welsh Love Spoon - glad the bloke disappeared and you got your Bob!Have a great weekend, Angela. x

  2. Hello lovely lady. An old blog friend has finally felt that she could "out" herself as a christian. Such an odd phrase, being christian seems to be kept in the parent blogging closet! Can you go and spread your love over her

  3. Nice spoons! We gave a Welsh love spoon to my Godmother with a treble clef at the end!x

  4. What a delightful post! I've a few spoons from eastern Europe and my uncle published a book on handmade spoons.


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