Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Green Leaves Of Summer

My favourite green leaf this summer, comes in a bag – I have become very fond of green tea. I am not going to bore you with all the theories about why it is good for you – claims that it is full of anti-oxidants, and it helps you lose weight, fight Alzheimer’s, prevents cancer, improves circulation, lowers cholesterol, reduces diabetes risk, and even “reduces your risk of death” [sorry folks, that one is clearly wrong!!] No, I started drinking it because

  • I like the taste
  • It has less caffeine than regular tea or coffee
  • I drink it without milk – so it is convenient to take to school, ensuring I always have the means of making a hot drink.

But, I have discovered a couple of other benefits –

  • it freshens your breath [unlike regular tea and coffee with milk]
  • If I make some at home, I can pop the used tea bags in the fridge. These are wonderful for soothing puffy eyes [and a good excuse to lie down in a darkened room for fifteen minutes whilst they do their magic]

mocha cortadoMy other hot drink of choice this summer is mocha cortado. But as I do not plan to hand over lots of money to Costa, we’ve been experimenting. Bob has come up with a good ersatz version – take a cup of black coffee, add a spoonful of basics instant drinking chocolate and stir briskly. I quite like this, mid afternoon, to perk me up a little.


Do you have a favourite summertime drink?


  1. Ersatz! I love that word and excellent usage since it is often bandied about with in regard to coffee in German.y during ww2!!! Yes I like green tea to though I like mint or jasmine more. Must try the trick with the bags. My eyes look dreadful!!! All the health claims make me laugh!

    Ha ha and I was thinking, "Ang will roll her eyes and solve my crises!" Trouble is, the rip is just where the button is, under it so it is a bit precarious!

    DO come and live in Essex!!! X

  2. I think my favourite is water, ice cold from the jug in the fridge. For me, on a hot day,nothing can match it.

  3. I am very fond of Bottlegreen's Ginger-and-lemongrass cordial. It is very refreshing - but rather expensive. I also like elderflower cordial with sparkling wine (or water,if you prefer) sipped on the balcony in the cool(er) air of the evening.

  4. Like the music - and it reminds me that this is also Morricone - just heard it again at a funeral.

  5. 'Lemonade' . Pour over ice...lemon juice,sugar water/maple syrup,top up with soda water.
    Jane x

  6. Lol, Ang, I can't agree on this one - the girls have tried and liked green tea, and the younger DD drinks it each day at the moment - but I think it tastes much as I imagine ditch water would taste!! However, I do like a cup of redbush tea, and prefer it to good old PG these days. Each to their own, and hope that the green tea does you good xxx

  7. I drink green tea occasionally. One of my favourites is green tea with pineapple and grapefruit, make up a jug of this, leave the tea bags in and once cool enough, put in the fridge, very refreshing!


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