Monday 23 June 2014

To The Water, It Is Time*

When Maggie stopped overnight with us before our early start for Salzburg, I wanted to leave her a drink of water beside her bed.  But I do not have a fancy carafe. There are some lovely ones out there on the market

I couldn’t afford either of these two, costing around £50 and £40

posh chicago bedside carafe £50


Or these at £30 and £20 [I wish we had Crate and Barrel in the UK!]

korcarafe £30

c&b bedside carafe £20

Desperation, and a look in the cupboards led to inspiration. I took my IKEA Ensidig vase [£1] and put an  IKEA glass [50p] on top. It looks almost as stylish, and does the job beautifully. You probably have two pieces of glassware you could put together like this.

ensidig £1


*Old joke - it is alleged that when Napoleon boarded the ship taking him to exile on Elba, he said to the naval officer by the gangplank…

“A l’eau, c’est l’heure”


  1. We use a heavy glass coaster to sit on top of a glass.
    Jane x

  2. Aha that joke is brilliant it took me a while to get it but that was because i was translating the French and thinking that's a sensible thing to say :P


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