Monday, 9 June 2014

Test Case!

IMG_2146Because I rarely go anywhere by plane, the large suitcase stays in the loft most of the time – our holidays in the last few years have been to Cornerstones [Sainsburys boxes in the back of the car] or on the bike [minimal luggage].  Austria is different, so I have fetched down the big navy blue case. This bag had a tiny tricolor ribbon on it, so I can spot it on the carousel. But last time we actually missed it – the lighting made the case look black and it went round twice before I was sure it was mine! But over the weekend I had an idea. I removed the ribbon.

IMG_2145I have dozens of lanyards, from different events I have been to – and this one from Robe [who make very cool stage lighting gear] came from PLASA – I repurposed its metal clip ages ago.

I liked the little ‘green’ slogans on the tape, so cut some out, and sewed the labels round the handles, on the front and on the top


Nobody will have markings like this on their case – and the labels should be visible however the bag comes round on the conveyor belt. And the slogans will remind me that air travel is not very good for the planet, and I should limit the amount that I do!

At least one member of my family collected the wrong case from an airport once – and got home before they realised. Bearing in mind that I am stressed enough about flying, and will not have other family members alongside, it is important that I can confidently identify my case!

Has anyone else got any bright ideas for lanyard-recycling?


  1. Use them to attach to your let's so you can west them round your neck.I'd needed or make them easy to find. You could adapt the name label and give to.children for role play with character names on. X

    1. Kezzie are you drunk??!! I presume 'west' should be 'wear' But what are my "let's" ?? It must be that singing in "The Mikado" causes you to type stuff as if it has been translated from Japanese!

  2. I want whatever Kezzie is drinking!
    Jane x

    1. Do you think that we will sing better if we drink it?

  3. Get some Rescue Remedy for the flight. Takes the edge of your nerves. Good idea about the lanyards.

  4. Enjoy your break
    Re,. the cardigan pattern . It is a King Cole 3146 for age 1 to 6 years
    I bought mine at Palmers garden centre but I have seen it on the internet


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