Wednesday, 31 August 2016

August Achievements

Much of my craft activity during this month has been running repairs and renovations - I am awfully glad I have a sewing machine at Cornerstones! 

Reading clockwise from bottom left corner

  1. polished furniture
  2. new curtains in lounge
  3. patching Bob's jeans
  4. mending Jon's pjs
  5. Rosie's reversible bicycle dress [this was fun to create]
  6. The other side of the dress
  7. Liz's new peg bag [leftover fabric from #1, this pattern]
  8. repairing Jon's shorts 
  9. fixing Steph's top
  10. in the centre - the blanket and quilt for the doll's cot
All but 1&2 were achieved during our fortnight's holiday - some of them were definitely emergency repairs to the family's limited holiday wardrobes. During September, I hope to do more work on the bedding, especially since a dear friend has sent me some beautiful trimmings for the sheets and pillowcase.
I have to report that the doves given out for the Christmas Tree Festival are gradually being returned to me. People are working so hard on these, our tree is going to look wonderful and I am truly grateful to all those who are taking part so enthusiastically.


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