Sunday, 9 October 2016

Better To Light A Candle...

... than curse the darkness. 

I've been thinking a lot about my responsibility as a Christian to be a light in a dark world.  My good friend Chris Duffett calls his blog 'Be the Light'.  There's so much that is evil  around us, and I  must stand for what is good,  and true,  and right.  And work to shine the light of God's love into the shadows.  We used to sing in Sunday School 
Jesus bids us shine with a clear pure light
Like a little candle burning in the night 
In this world is darkness, so we must shine 
You in your small corner 
And I in mine 

 I still light my little candle every Sunday lunchtime 
Two remaining  thoughts.  
  1. Donald Trump - how is it that people still consider him fit for office? (any  office not just  POTUS)  
  2. In reading all the recent hygge stuff,  I  found a lovely new word.  lyseslukker is the Danish word for spoilsport,  and it means the one who puts out the candles.  I love that! 


  1. Love that lyseslukker word too. Thanks for sharing. x

  2. We used to sing that too, I still love it.

  3. I struggle with the darkness in the World all the time. I look at my beautiful healthy grandchildren here in the UK and my heart breaks for all the suffering children in Syria, , the Yemen,the refugee camp at Calais etc and now Haiti again.

    Re Donald Trump, the mind boggles but I sense much of his support comes from not very well educated white racists plus the more extremist gun loving American evangelicals who are encouraged in their thinking by the likes of Franklin Graham, Anne Graham Lotz, Jerry Falwell jnr , James Dobson and Tony Perkins who hanker after some sort of political power for themselves and their very right wing organizations. Apparently Pat Robertson has prophesied a Trump victory.

  4. Even a small light shines in darkness.
    As to Trump, I'm voting for him in the hopes Clinton won't get POTUS. She's less fit than Trump to serve as POTUS not to mention Commander in Chief. Anyone who leaves men to be murdered should be tried for treason.
    A couple of weeks ago, Joshua asked, "Do you support Trump?" My response, "No, but I'm voting for him."
    Christians have a LOT to answer for in the voting booth. In my country we've allowed prayer to be taken out of schools, abortion on demand, homosexual "marriage" and more. My vote for Trump is a vote against everything Clinton stands for, beginning with globalism.

    1. I know this isn't the place for politics - and Ang, if you don't want to publish this, that's fine - but I couldn't let this poass. Sandra - really? You would vote for a volatile, lying, racist mysogynist, sexist man who has spoken about women in the way he has (near enough glorifying rape)? Homosexual marriage is wrong but sexual abuse is fine? I'm afraid I honestly can't see how anyone - let alone a Christian - can possibly vote for Trump. But... we are all entitled to our views, I guess.

    2. I respect people's right to have different opinions. I also realise that I do not fully understand the way that politics in the USA are SO polarised. You are either Republican or Democrat and there is no middle ground. But I am glad people feel able to comment here. If we are Christians then [a] we must remember we are brothers and sisters in Christ and [b] as Scripture reminds us, we must continue to pray for those in positions of power and authority [whether or not we agree with them]

    3. I consider myself neither Democrat or Republican; when I first began voting, I voted for the person I thought would do the best job. In this election, I'm voting for future generations...for Trump because he will put conservatives on the Supreme Court. Yes, there is a middle ground but to vote "middle" means to divide conservative vote and ensure another Clinton is in the White House. By her current words and actions, she's proven she's a pagan.
      As a Christian, I believe in the changing power of Jesus my life and in Trump's life. To believe otherwise is to say Jesus died in vain. Is Trump now a Christian? I don't know but God does and God uses whom He will to do His will and work.
      Shall I be judged on what I said or did when I lived as a pagan? Not by God, thankfully.

  5. You are right! We must be a light. You have inspired a new song.x

  6. Well that brought back a 60+ year old memory, we sang that too in the Methodist Sunday School I attended and I think the books that my mum used as a Sunday School Teacher were called "My Small Corner".


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