Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Feeling Blue

Not in a negative way, you understand - I just seem to have done a lot of blue sewing this month. I turned a cheap tarpaulin into covers for the BBQ and Bob's trolley.
I finally finished the blue lounge curtains - seaming them into 2 pairs, and hemming them. 
And on Saturday I made some curtains for Rosie's Nursery.
This is a lovely fabric which Liz found in The Range in Norwich. I have put a good lining on the back, to help keep the room dark. Much as we love the sunshine, it is good if it doesn't wake the babe too soon in the mornings!
Here they are over the back of my sofa. The print is not babyish, so should last a good few years. Liz's first curtains were made from a remnant of red Habitat alphabet print. [Now repurposed into a dustcover for my Cornerstones sewing machine]

I have been doing a lot of hand sewing in the past week too - my knee has been playing up again, so I have sat with it propped up on the sofa, while I stitch away happily.

But my final bit of blue needlework was to make two cushion covers from a pair of tapestries I stitched in1976.  They were 21st birthday gifts.  Both Norwich scenes- Elm  Hill and Pull's Ferry.  The Ferry was framed and hung on the walls of my various homes for nearly 40 years.  The glass cracked when we moved here . The other one has sadly been rolled up in a box all that time!  So I took both canvasses and some blue tweed and made these cushions.  Much nicer,  and they are back in  Norfolk again! 


  1. Both sets of curtains look lovely and those cushions are gorgeous!

  2. The forest fabric is beautiful, I really love tapestry cushion too, all the better for being personal to you, lovely things.

  3. I love seeing your productivity. Hope the knee is on the mend x

  4. Thanks for all your kind words. The GPS is referring me for an x ray and a physio appointment. And I am trying to be sensible!

  5. Oh no,,poor knee, I hope it gets sorted. I love the GP I saw last time as she referred me for Physio for my wrist so I hope yours is equally benevolent!
    That material for Rosie's curtains is gorgeous as are yours. Making the tapestry into pillows is a super idea. I saw someone who has been making hers into handbags recently which I thought was a super idea. They looked fab!x


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