Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Monsoon And Hurricane

Today I am going to my first Women's World Day Of Prayer Preparation Day for the 2017 Service. The actual day is not till March next year, but over the next 4 months, committee members will be traveling the length and breadth of England, Wales and N.I. to help local groups plan for the event. As well as enabling people to prepare for the service, we will also share background information about the planning country [2017 - the Philippines] do some bible Study, and bring news of the work of WWDP both here, and round the world. At our last meeting, we allocated charitable grants to a number of good causes. I always find that both challenging and exciting - nearly a quarter of a million quid, given to help others. And that money is JUST from the offerings collected on the March Day of Prayer. People are so generous. We have recently had a report about a project we supported last year - in India
Empowering Women Socially and Economically (EWSE), aims to empower 1,500 women in silk production skills through silk worm rearing and silk processing. Zinda Jan,Herat Province, Afghanistan was once a famous stop on the Silk Road . It has a climate that supports silkworm rearing, and one in which mulberry trees, the only food that silkworms eat, will thrive. The project provides silk worms and encourages the production of silk products by women’s cooperatives.
This project is sponsored and run by Christian Aid. But interestingly, they also receive support from a company which uses the silk which they produce to create fashion for the British market. Popular high street chain Monsoon/Accessorise have a strong commitment to their workers in the third world, and they recognise the excellent work of the EWSE. WWDP has recently received a lovely thank you message and update on the project.

This is good news worth sharing with our WWDP supporters.
The other news is that we at WWDP have been able to send out this week a gift of ten thousand pounds, to help the victims of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti. Cholera is rife in many communities totally devastated by the storms- areas where people lack clean water, food and shelter. The generosity of our supporters makes it possible to respond promptly to such events, with practical action as well as informed prayer.
If you are reading this and have ever supported a WWDP event, then thank you. Your gifts are even now being used to bless others.


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