Monday 31 October 2016

October Offerings

Despite a trip to Sicily and a lot of WWDP commitments, I have managed a fair bit of crafting this month - much of that due to the enforced resting of the aching knee. Here's the round-up
There's a couple of greetings cards, made using my bicycle die-cut.
The pencil boxes and pencils rolls for the Craft Fayre in December.
The mini sweater and mittens which were a thankyou for a Craft Book
My two tapestries, repurposed as cushion covers
Two sets of curtains [lounge here, and Rosie's nursery]
The BBQ and trolley covers

and finally two pictures of my Norfolk Shawl Tea Cosies.
These were not actually made this month - but the Exhibition began on 1st October.
We were not allowed to take photos in the Cathedral - but the organiser kindly sent me these two shots of my entry on display. I am still a little sad not to be getting a cheque as well, but there we are...

This is also the month in which I did a major wardrobe restructure, and made my Christmas Cake and Puddings. So I feel pleased with the various bits and pieces. I am not sure November and December will be quite so productive
Collage removed..  I have just been told that I cannot show any pictures of the exhibition on my blog.  


  1. You did well and made lots of beautiful items! Sorry about the tea cosies...x

  2. Hmmm. My favourite this month.. Nursery curtains!


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