Sunday 23 October 2016


I'm really enjoying Bob's current sermon series, as he preaches through the Lord's Prayer [sermon podcasts are being uploaded to UCF website] Recently I have come across a hymn by a Filipino [Daniel Thambyrajah Niles 1908-1970] He said it was inspired by the Lord's Prayer.
Father in heaven, grant to your children
Mercy and blessing, songs ever ceasing;
Love to unite us, grace to redeem us,
Loving Creator, parent and God.

Jesus, Redeemer, help us remember
Your gracious passion, your resurrection:
Your call to follow, your love tomorrow,
Jesus, Redeemer, our friend and Lord

Spirit descending, your light unending,
Brings hope and healing, is truth revealing:
Dispel our blindness, inspire our kindness,

Spirit descending, Spirit adored.

It was composed in 1961, and the tune Halad [which means 'offering'] was written by another Filipino, Elena Maquiso. Click here to listen to the tune - I think all offering tunes should be joyful - in too many churches, people sit there glumly putting their pennies in the plate as if they were doing their Tax Returns!


  1. I love the song -- the words as well as the tune and the upbeat.

  2. It is a lovely upbeat tune. Thank you for sharing it with us.


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