Monday, 3 October 2016

Easy Peasy Pici

I watched Jamie making his Spinach Pici Pasta, and thought it looked delicious - and simple "I am going to try that" I said to Bob. Last week I was on my own at Cornerstones for a few days - delivering my teacosies and attending a special preview of the Exhibition. Rather than lazily cooking myself beans on toast I thought I would try out the recipe.
I forgot to buy basil when I was in the supermarket [in Dorset, I have been plucking fresh leaves from my pot on the kitchen windowsill for months] and knew I wouldn't be putting parmesan on, for the 'silky sauce'as I don't eat cheese. I decided to stir in some beaten egg at the end, rather like a carbonara.
But it was so easy to make. The gorgeous bright green playdough was such fun to roll out [it stains your fingers though]
I don't think I rolled mine thin enough - the pasta swells when it cooks. I had a pan full of things looking like fat runner beans, not delicate French ones.
Oh, but it tasted good, and was done and dusted within the half hour.
I shall be making this again - in larger quantities next time, to feed Bob as well.

When you read this, I hope to be on a plane with Bob - our girls gave us a wonderful 60th birthday gift last year - a cheque, with the instruction to 'have a proper holiday. Somewhere abroad, not a week at Cornerstones. Go on a plane. This is not money towards the mortgage, or household necessities" Thank you girls!
So we are having a break in Sicily - land of Arancini, Cannoli, Mount Etna and Montelbano.
You will have to wait a few days, until I get back, for blogposts about shawls and Sicilians.


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