Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Pinner - Part Two

The post about Heath Robinson and the new museum opening in Pinner was cause of discussion here over the weekend.

Firstly at church on Sunday
My good friend Rick told me that he had spent some time living in Pinner. He said that he was unaware of all the famous people in the neighbourhood, and that he didn't consider himself to be famous either.
Personally I feel Rick ought to be famous, he is such a great bloke. Furthermore, when I was in Sussex the day before at a WWDP event, a lady came up at the end and spoke to me "If you live in Ferndown, do you know Rick?" she said. I was pleased to say that I did. [so he is clearly well-known, even if not 'world famous']
Then I discovered that in the churchyard at Pinner, there is a very weird monument - a 'floating coffin' [read the full story here
I love it when these 'ordinary' suburbs contain strange things like this. The guy who put this up in memory of his parents, John Claudius Loudon was a garden designer. His designs inspired Kew Gardens, and he also produced plans for cemeteries [like the one at Abney Park]
I do feel this coffin is 'over the top' in more ways than one.
Then later on in the afternoon, Bob decided that "There once was a man lived in Pinner..." should be the first line of a limerick. We spent a while trying to finish the verse - with limited success.
So I throw this challenge out to you - only respectable rhymes please! Nothing rude - but otherwise, feel free to be as way out about Pinner as you like.

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  1. My only knowledge of Pinner before your informative post was the old TV series May to December as I seem to remember someone on that lived in Pinner.
    Anyway, I like Bob's idea of a limerick so here's my amateurish attempt
    There once was a man lived in Pinner
    Each Tuesday he ate fish for dinner
    Wednesday was meat
    Thursday a sweet
    No wonder he never got thinner


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