Saturday, 29 October 2016

Four Calling Birds...

Three French Hens, Two Turtledoves
... and a Partridge in a Pear Tree
There seem to be an awful lot of birds flying about during the Christmas Season. Back in July, I mentioned the doves which I had been giving out to folk at church, to sew up for our contribution to the Christmas Tree Festival in nearby West Moors. Using my die-cut machine, and my Fiskars design set, I cut out around 3 dozen little sets of white felt birds. I gave them out in packs, with a few beads and sequins - and the instruction to simply decorate them and sew them together. Any design they liked - or just plain - but only in white, gold and silver. 
Thirty two little birds have flown back to the Manse now- and they look utterly splendid. Next week I am hoping to get together with friends to complete the project. People have been so creative - adding in their own beads and trims- but all within the chosen colour scheme. Click on the pictures to see more detail.

But you know me, I like to get full value for any craft equipment I purchase [even if the Fiskars pack was cheap on eBay!]
So I have been sewing some other little birds using different coloured felts and fabrics. These will be on sale at our UCF Craft Fayre in December. 
With these ones, I sewed the wings completely onto the body, rather than having them just attached at on edge. And I got quite carried away with stitching and beading too
I have a few other things ready for my table at the Fayre - some pencil rolls, and also some little wooden pencil boxes which I have painted and decoupaged and loaded up with crayons, pens sharpeners etc. 
It's only 5 weeks till the Fayre, and the Tree Festival - I'd better get a wriggle on - or is it a wiggle? I am never sure. I looked it up, and discovered that wiggle and wriggle both have their origins in the Low German wiggelen meaning to totter, or to go. In which case to get a w[r]iggle on does literally mean to go somewhere.

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