Monday, 24 October 2016


So this is Day 11 of the Capsule Wardrobe Experiment. What I have learned thus far is that I am not very good at taking selfies. I have worn all my trousers, dresses, and outer tops - but still have a few teeshirts, a skirt and a jumper as yet unworn. They will be in play very soon. Here are the first 10 days
Click on the picture for close ups. You can't see clearly that Day 2 is my tweedy suit, but Day 10 is suit jacket and plain black trousers. Day 8 I didn't get dressed till the afternoon [not feeling well] so wore the same stuff on Day 9 sans cardi. 
I am beginning to realise I possess altogether too many clothes which I do not really need, and suspect the CS will be getting another bag soon, of the Pile 1 clothes which are currently on one side.[Luke 3;11 and all that]
However, I am now fully signed on with a Supply Agency - so may have to supplement these items with some out of the Pile 1 store.
These pictures also show how much I am in need of a haircut and a diet!!


  1. Well, I was just thinking that these are very flattering clothes- you don't look in need of a diet at all! Gorgeous outfits!

  2. You look very well dressed. The capsule seems to be working well for you.

  3. You look great! I like the day 3 red tights and skirt combo! Brilliant! Your hair looks really nice,I wouldst say it needs a cut!x


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