Monday, 23 January 2017


I have mentioned this useful site before. I am seriously pruning our book collection and every month or two I go along the bookshelves to see what can go. Many of our books are precious and will be kept, and one day may be passed on to our children [and grandchildren?] should they want them.
There are altogether too many books out there. As the writer of Ecclesiastes declared Of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh.
Too right!! 
I try to re-read my 'classic literature' on a regular basis to see if it merits shelf space. This year I have set myself a new challenge; each month I plan to re-read a book from my youth which genuinely affected my thinking and actions. Anything read between about 1975 and 1995. I suspect that a high proportion of these will be books from Christian publishers on the subject of "The Life Of Faith" as it was often called back then. Maybe a few secular volumes will creep in. 
I have heard people say "This book changed my life!" For me, only one Book has ever truly done that. And that Book is one I refer to daily....but there are others which have challenged me, encouraged me, informed my thinking.
Hence ABTIK - A Book That I'm Keeping
Each month I plan to take down one of those "neglected former favourites" and see if it still speaks to me. These were books that mattered 20,30,even 40 years ago - do they still have a message, personally, or generally in today's "Post-truth Society"? 
All written in the days before iPods, iPads, iPhones etc - none of the widespread, instant sharing through Facebook, blogs, or Twitter. When most of what I read was on paper, not a screen.
I have no idea where this excursion will take me - but I hope I will relearn positive lessons I have forgotten, and reinstitute good habits long neglected, and be re-enthused with some of the better of my youthful passions  [no, that last phrase sounds far too pompous!!] Watch this space for a monthly book review. You may be reminded of a volume you once read and then forgot, or perhaps be introduced to a good one worth getting to know better. Wait and see...


  1. I too am book-paring, and it's hard work! I look forward to your reviews (although fear they'll send me out to the bookstore to buy new books ...).


  2. I am trying to find books I want to read EITHER through the library OR from second hand bookstores. I am being very determined about not buying NEW ones!

  3. Good luck with paring down your books! I have a hard time deciding what goes and what stays! I want to keep them all!

  4. Good luck! I consistently fail with this although I've got rid of a lot of books this year!!! I do buy the occasional new book when I'm in Northumberland from the two lovely independent book shops there.x

  5. Aha! we went through our books this time last year and took TWENTY FOUR carrier bags to the charity shops.
    But something has gone wrong and our bookshelves are all jammed and doubled up again.


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