Thursday, 19 January 2017

Folding Ballerinas

Eleanor tells me that Albanians are very particular about not wearing outdoor shoes inside the house.  Steph kindly got me a pair of lightweight slippers in her lunch hour,  to tuck into my suitcase next week.  Being the child of a thrifty mother,  she even managed to get them for £2 in the sales. 
I  don't know why,  but I was really really amused by the label.  It describes them as "folding ballerinas."  
I somehow imagine Darcey Bussell,  or the late Margot Fontaine neatly placed on a shelf, 

occupying the smallest possible space. 

I  have been skipping round the house in my new shoes,  but I am not very balletic. 

 More Bustling Daftly than Darcey Bussell!! 


  1. Very pretty shoes and a great price! Oh, go on and try a pirouette or two while you are at it! I'm sure you'll do just fine!

  2. Bon voyage- I do love your travelogues!

  3. I have some very useful travel slippers which I take when space is minimal. In Bali, it is bare feet only inside.x


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