Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Our Diet - In Black And White [And Gold]

On Friday I picked up a Waitrose Weekend newspaper and spotted this ad from the Food Standards Agency
It looked vaguely familiar in content.
Ah yes- September 2014, the European Food Safety Authority put out this advice

Basically the same information;
  1. Cook/fry/toast your food to a golden yellow colour not burnt-brown
  2. Follow the instructions on the packet
  3. Eat a balanced diet
  4. Don't store potatoes in the fridge.

All of which seems fairly obvious and sensible stuff. 
  • I never intend to burn things! 
  • I like to think I eat a balanced diet. 
  • There is too much else in my fridge to store bulky potatoes in there.
The only issue that perplexes me is that of potato storage: the advice is keep them at above 6° . I keep my spuds in the garage in a box with a lid. It is not airtight,  but keeps out verminous intruders,  and the light.  This has always worked for me, I haven't found that inside storage has worked,  the house is too warm. But currently it is incredibly cold here. The garage is colder than the fridge! We are eating fewer spuds at the minute,  so I don't have many in store,.  When the girls were at home,  I'd buy a large economical sackful.
How do you store your potatoes? 
How do you react to this latest dietary advice? 


  1. I Thought I'd heard it all before, thank you for proving me right!

  2. The potato storage has stumped me. I always keep them in the fridge, as I have a large fridge (it came with the kitchen) and nowhere else suitable. No room in the cupboards and too warm, and although I only eat potatoes a couple of times a week I don't want to go out to the garage every time I want some. I think I'll carry on keeping them in the fridge and take the apparently minuscule increase in risk!

  3. Potatoes live in a container in the garage, quite cool there, and so far have had no problems. The research has had a lot written about it recently, but no one seems sure about it.

  4. Definitely heard it all before, just keep everything in balance.

  5. I never have much luck storing potatoes - they sem to grow roots wherever I keep them, but at the moment they are kept in a cloth bag in the kitchen. That works as well as anywhere else. I do just cut off the roots and use the spuds, but against Mr FD's sensibilities. He says we shouldn't eat them once they've started to root (but we've not died yet!) I remember coming across a net of potatoes in the cellar that I'd forgotten about - it was like something from Doctor Who!

  6. I do keep our potatoes in the fridge. A cool, dark place is tricky if not the fridge. Not sure how to proceed! The garage is an option, except that it is currently a boat-building atelier again, and Orla (my bike) is currently living in the utility room, blocking the washing machine and the door to the freezer. Tripping over myself trying to do most things most days- and now I have to move the spuds!

  7. I definitely remember hearing before, that burnt food is carcinogenic! I do keep my tatties in the fridge, oops x

  8. You would drive yourself mad. Like you say, I never burn things on purpose. Also keep potatoes in a bag in larder cupboard under the stairs - reasonably cold. Seems to work.


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