Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Underground Adventure

We finally caught up with Alexander Armstrong and Michael Scott and their latest TV series about Italy's Hidden Cities [Here] I really enjoyed the one they did from Rome last year, and was surprised that the reviews of this one have been quite so sniffy. Last week's episode featured Naples,   and we have  Venice and Florence yet to come. 
Scott is from University of Warwick  [my Alma Mater] and I think he is fun to listen to.  I don't think the programme is meant to be a heavy historical lecture,  and so I'm happy to be gently entertained.  Maybe it's because I just enjoy random trivia,  and odd little facts about abandoned subterranean scooters, and  bottles of hair lotion  fascinate me.  I have learned an Italian Phrase,  noi vive ,  we're alive! Have you watched this series,  what do you think?  Or do you find anything with AA in it to be Pointless?  


  1. I love it, like you I love pointless trivia

  2. I'm enjoying it too. I thought the pictures of the tunnels and the mosaics underwater were amazing !

  3. This sounds like a pleasant way to spend a nap time while knitting.
    Thanks for the suggestion

  4. Anyone who has anything to do with Pointless is fine with me. Sniffy reviews re ok if it's rubbish. I sometimes think though that reviewers take against stuff out of snobbery


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