Thursday, 5 January 2017

Wildlife Alert ; A Croc Has Been Spotted On The Marshes!

Last Friday Bob declared himself free of the virus, so we decided to go and see the sea. We drove to Burnham Deepdale and began walking along the raised path across the marshes. We saw nothing except fog in all directions. Bob was glad of his super new Headlight Hat [Christmas gift from Adrian and Marion] and I loved my new SeaSalt jacket [a joint gift from the girls] 

We heard lots of geese, and at one point, a woman coming the other way called out "Look!" and pointed upwards. We, and her companion, looked up. There was a patch of blue in the sky, and across it flew a skein of dozens of geese in a V formation, then disappeared into the clouds again. We walked for quite a while, there were others on the path - huntsmen with rifles, a middle-aged jogger in unflattering shorts, and a cheerful family spanning three generations [the youngest clearly feeling she had walked quite far enough, thank you] 
There was a small, battered rowing boat, and the children had fun playing in it [you can just pick out the Grandma's bright blue jacket]
And a larger barge - is it deserted? or does someone live there? There were no lights on, and no curl of smoke from the little chimney, and the door was securely padlocked. I enjoyed myself splashing in the puddles, just because I could. Oh Rosie, when you are a little bit older, you and Gran will have such fun together...
But we did see a croc. Just the one...
Such sightings always intrigue me - how did they come to lose just one shoe? 
And is there a damp footed Norfolk Cinderella hanging about somewhere waiting for her Handsome Prince?


  1. We see a lot of single shoes by the side of the road, I always wonder how and why they ended up there!

  2. Hilarious! Maybe a bird picked up the Croc. They are so light!
    Today I shall put on my snow boots and stomp around. Your raincoat is gorgeous!

  3. If a child's shoe then I suspect reluctant walking child was picked up and carried and shoe fell from dangling foot. Adult shoes:Maybe was being carried in bag and dropped out.
    I've lost a lovely purple suede boot and I'm v cross about it as I love those shoes!!

    Love your new raincoat. Snap!!!x

  4. I was told that single shoes are a sign that drug dealers have claimed that patch, but that may be an urban myth and it doesn't look the sort of place that has a drug problem.

    The pictures are beautiful x

  5. Very cute title! Wildlife alert, indeed! :D

    My daughter lost a shoe, once, getting in and out of the car just after one of our rare downpours, and it got washed away before we could rescue it! I joked that I saw it on the news in a report about the debris on the beach (where apparently everything from the storm drains end up!) We still talk about that lost shoe of hers. :)

    There is a story (don't know how true) that when Mahatma Gandhi once lost a shoe while riding in a train, he took off the other shoe and tossed it on the train tracks, so that whoever found the first shoe would find the 2nd as well and have a pair to wear!

  6. I'm not sure that crocs are entirely appropriate for that terrain anyway :-)


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