Monday, 16 January 2017

Dolly Mixture

Do you know about American Girl Dolls? 
Unlike Barbie,  who is nearly 60, these girls have only been around for 30 years or so. They are intended to represent girls aged between 8 and 11. Their wardrobe reflects that. No stilettos or bras,  just wholesome childhood playmates.  Originally the dolls wore costumes from various points in American history,  but then the range expanded with lots of contemporary outfits and a wider choice of hair colour and skin tones, enabling girls from all ethnicities to find a doll just like  themselves. 
The pukka AG dolls are carefully made, with prices to match.  Even the similar ones do not come cheap, and their outfits are also beyond the range of most girls' pocket money. 
These dolls are collectibles in the USA and Canada, and increasingly in the  UK.  Many adults collect them, dress them, and fill their houses with them! 
But that doesn't help a little girl who has just one doll and would like to build up a wardrobe of clothes. 
One of my young friends at church had a Doll like this for Christmas.  She brought her to church on Christmas Morning.  I asked if she'd like me to make a her doll new outfit.  It's ages since I did any doll's clothes.  
The Internet has dozens of sites.  I found a good cardigan knitting pattern,here, and made a simple elasticated skirt to match. This could be the start of a new project for 2017 I suspect! 


  1. You could set up a business on Etsy making dolls clothes?

  2. Have fun! I make clothes for these dolls. How I learnt about them was through an Abused Child project - and I needed a model to make some clothes for the doll, and then it snowballed from there. There is something special about these dolls. I think it is partly because they are huggable and indeed would make a very best friend to a child.

  3. my middle granddaughter has a baby AG and one of the "period" dolls. The clothes and accessories are outrageous but I did find some (she mostly needed panties!)and some cute "baby" outfits in an Etsy shop. I have to say the workmanship was outstanding! Much better than was available in the AG store and the price was a fraction. You might be able to start yourself up a tidy little business there!

  4. The outfit is adorable! Our granddaughters both wanted one, but they are well over $100.00 for a doll. The youngest now has a very similar doll that was a third the cost. I have found very cute inexpensive clothes for it on Amazon.

  5. That is a very cute outfit you made for the doll!


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