Friday, 13 January 2017

Ang Is Off On A Lek Trek**

I dropped hints recently on the blog about something exciting happening to me in this new year. 
Well it's this...
I am going to Albania!

No, I still cannot quite believe it either, but in two weeks from now I shall be starting my journey down to southern Europe, for a weekend in this small country about whose history and personalities I know very little [other than King Zog, Mother Theresa and Norman Wisdom.. I shall speak more of these three later]
Our WWDP here is twinned with the Albanian WWDP, and I am going with another committee member at the invitation of the ladies there, to join them for a special weekend conference.
If you have ever visited, do please share any useful travel advice ASAP!!
[**the lek is the main unit of Albanian currency]


  1. How wonderfully exciting! I know nothing about it except that Lord Voldemort hid in the forests there for 10years!

    1. But he is fictional, Kezzie! I hope to meet real people.

  2. I'm sure it will be interesting, and very different too.

  3. Sounds like you are off on a fun trip! I know next to nothing about Albania, so have no tips for you. Looking forward to hearing about your visit, though.


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