Saturday, 21 January 2017

Good Snood

Bob's sister Denise gave me a ball of wool for Christmas.  The ball band said there was sufficient yarn in the one ball to complete a Snood.  Denise said she found that hard to believe. She thought that I would like the challenge. 
I  sat in front of the TV for a couple of hours and produced this... 
The instructions said cast on 60sts, and work in stocking stitch till almost the end of the yarn.  Cast off and sew the seam to join. Useful tip -  when working out how much yarn you need for casting off,  allow four times the width of the row.  This was 23 " so I left 8 feet of yarn. 
The project  used almost every scrap of yarn,  and I would describe it as a cowl rather than a snood [surely a Snood should be wide enough to make a hood?  This is more of a collar] I think the one on the picture on the band may have been arranged to look bigger than it is. 
But it is warm and cosy. Thank you Denise! 
Dimensions are 23 inches by 7 inches,  and it was knitted on 8mm needles [60 stitches]  in stocking stitch ,  then seamed into a loop. 


  1. I do like your new scarf! this is what I think of as a snood

  2. Very pretty colours. I knitted a snood some years ago and it makes a lovely hood on a cold day. I think it took two balls of wool.

  3. You did it! Nice colors, too. I, too, thought a snood was more of a hair covering.

  4. The colours are pretty! That's a nice present!


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