Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Britches, Bandanas And A Sinister Badger

It would not feel like a proper Norfolk trip if it didn't involve some mending and this week has been no exception.  I fixed Jon's trousers and mended Rosie's badger puppet.  That included transferring the squeaker from right to left paw for the benefit of the left-handers in the family. This  makes him truly sinister. 

My final sewing was a request from Liz.  She gave me one of Jon's old shirts and asked for some bandana bibs for Rosie   Using a scrap of blue flannel  and a pack of poppers [hammered in place]  from John Lewis,  l made these using the great pattern here. 
These never got into the end of year craft round up,  but never mind. 
I don't know what you think,  but the baby is certainly drooling over them! 


  1. I remain impressed by your skills. PC has started telling everyone that I am finally making the curtains for the front room THIS WEEK! I think he has decided that imminent deadlines will spur on some action. It is most of a year since we bought the material...

  2. Ha, you are so funny!!! Drooling indeed!

  3. I love the bandanna style bibs. They look adorablewhen they are on
    x x

  4. Oh, those bibs are cute! No wonder she's drooling over them! :D


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