Saturday, 4 March 2017

He's Such A Sweet Man...

Friday Morning I went off to the WWDP service a few miles away at the church if  St Mary The Virgin, in West Moors. I sat down in a space at the end of a pew, having first checked it was nobody else's seat. The lady next to me smiled, and we had a conversation...
Where are you from?
Oh, I am from Ferndown
So am I, I go to St Anthonys Roman Catholic, what about you?
United Church Ferndown
Oh that's a lovely building. We went there for the Christian Unity Songs of Praise last month. It was a wonderful service and the tea afterwards was delicious.
I was away, I was sorry to miss it. It was good that your new priest was there.
But your minister is very nice too. What do they call him...Honey?
Well, I might call him that, I am his wife. But most people called him Bob Almond.
Oh, I knew it was something sweet to eat...

I have been calling him Honey ever since!


  1. Better than calling him 'Bitter', ha ha! What a lovely conversation and I'm confident that Pastor Bob is a real 'Diamond' too.Happy Weekend to you, Angela. x

  2. May you have a great weekend too!


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