Sunday, 13 August 2017

Finding Faith...

Last July, when we were at a WWDP committee, my friend Val gave me a MudLove 'faith' bracelet . I wore it all through that summer. Then I took it off and somehow forgot about it. I looked for it recently, but it wasn't in the box on the dressing table.
Then last Saturday, just before our holiday, I decided to change the sheets and turn the mattresses [our IKEA Malm bed has two mattresses in one frame, to better accommodate our diversely differing sizes] 
And there it was, I found faith under the bed!
My bracelet is back on my wrist again.
It is often in the darkest places that faith is found...
Now I am considering treating myself to another. Torn between thankful, loved and blessed...


  1. I think that perhaps "Blessed" might most give opportunity for interesting conversations but they are all good.


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