Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The Whale's Tale - Day 1

After church on Sunday evening, we set up the chapel ready for Kids Club. Bob inflated the large whale, and with help it was suspended from the beams across the roof. Nets of fishes were festooned across the room, and blue banners hung from the walls [ready to receive more fishes] Everyone worked incredibly hard
On Tuesday morning, we were there before 8am, to put up the large gazebo [registration happens outside in the car park]
Miriam, our Youth Minister, talked through the day's programme with us.
As in Kirby Muxloe, we are blessed to have such a committed team. 
Miriam plans and leads the Club, which does take a lot of pressure from Bob's shoulders. 
Here's Pedro, the Superhero, introducing himself to the children - the Jonah backdrop is amazing [I must take a better picture] It was produced by Martha, one of the team, who is a gifted art teacher [and my neighbour - she lives next door but one]

Craft yesterday was The Bobblehead Jonah - he shakes his head to say 'No' to God's instructions! One group each day does cooking - making whale sponge cakes, and also biscuits.

Unlike KM, the children take the crafts home each day, so I cannot take pictures of everything 'on display'  - just the table where parents collect things at home-time.
The children all behaved well and enjoyed themselves, and the parents were all very appreciative.  Here's a few more Jonahs, looking rather cheerful [clearly unaware of the whale who is waiting in the water...]


  1. Glad everything has gone to plan and everyone has behaved (except Jonah of course!)
    Those bobble heads are such a fab idea!


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