Saturday, 18 November 2017

Are You Listening?

I am really dense sometimes - there I was looking at the 'Christmas Shop' section of John Lewis, and at the end of one display unit I saw these...I thought they were some sort of ecclesiastical themed Christmas pillar candles
But on closer inspection, I discovered they are bluetooth speakers.
I presume the design I took to be a cross is actually +- and refers to the volume control?
They are called Ultimate Ears, and that Alexa woman is hiding inside them! She was inspired by the conversational computer system used in Star Trek, and named after the ancient library at Alexandria. 
There are many models in the UE series- collectively called the Ultimate Family. That just reminded me of the importance of my own ecclesiastical church family, and the need to be listening carefully, and responding thoughtfully, whenever I am spoken to.


  1. I keep glancing at the Facebook logo in various businesses and think they are advertising a Bible!

  2. You're not dense! I thought the same thing at first when I saw them in a shop this past week!

  3. They do look ecclesiastical!

  4. when I looked at the photo and thought 'nice bibles'!!!


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