Friday, 16 February 2018

A Flippin' Good Party

Here's Bob in his chef's jacket [a Holiday Club Costume from many years ago] with his new pan. He and Geoff knocked out around 120 pancakes over the course of Tuesday evening. Guests were coming and going from about 6.15 onwards.
It was lovely to have so many visitors. One of the younger guests appointed herself sous chef and assisted Bob with the cooking.
Geoff used the regular electric stove, and Bob was on the other side of the kitchen with our little gas ring.
One change this year - Bob made a batch of gluten free pancakes. He used Doves Gluten free flour, and also some xanthan gum which apparently helps thicken the batter.
They tasted fine - no different to all the rest - and they were greatly appreciated by the friends who have gluten intolerance.
Have you had pancakes this week?
What is your favourite topping?


  1. We had pancakes. My favourite topping is maple syrup, but Malcolm likes traditional lemon and brown sugar.

  2. Glad Bob had a helper! I love pancakes with sugar and lemon.


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