Thursday, 22 February 2018

I Want You To Get Out Of Your Seat...

The death has been announced of Billy Graham, the great Baptist Evangelist - at the age of 99. 

I have known about him, and been challenged by his enthusiasm for Jesus, for just about all my life.
My parents first met Dr Graham in 1948, on his first visit to the UK, when they were students. He came briefly to Scotland- and they had tea with him when he visited their theological college in Glasgow.
Then again, 6 years later, he came to London to conduct his "Haringey Crusade". Beforehand, he visited Romford, where Dad was a Baptist Pastor, and they met him, and his wife- plus Cliff Barrows and the rest of the American Team. My grandparents sang in the choir at the Crusade and Dad was on the team of counsellors who spoke, and prayed, with the 'enquirers'. These were the people who had got up from their seats at Billy's invitation, and come forward to find out more about what it meant to have a faith in Jesus.
He was a man with a simple faith, and a clear message- Jesus loves you, and he died for your sins - and he wants you to live in relationship with him.
I watched the episode of "The Crown" recently which portrayed his meeting with the Queen. It seemed to me to paint a very clear picture of the man and his message. Others disagree - nobody knows what the sovereign and the preacher spoke about except God and the two people concerned. Now he has gone, and she will not say anything. But I have much respect for him, and his ability to share his faith with the highest and lowest in society.
Well done, good and faithful servant- enter into the joy of your Lord.

NB This post is about a good man and the Gospel he preached. So I will not be publishing any comments here about the rest of his family. There will be space for them another time, thank you.


  1. I first heard him on his first mission to England, maybe 1954? What a wonderful man.

  2. As a child, I used to love to watch Billy Graham and Bishop Fulton Sheen! So diverse yet the same message of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour.

  3. I read a very good book by him which I enjoyed. He was a true and faithful believer and a sharer of Christ!


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