Sunday 18 February 2018

An Idea Borrowed For Lent

My turn to do Sunday School today. We are going to look at the Temptations of Jesus - and I decided it would be good to do an activity which reminds us that alongside the negative [do not yield to temptation and make a bad choice] there is the positive [trust God for strength to make the good choice]
I borrowed the idea for the thankyou card I made after Holiday Club 2012
It unfolds beautifully into an A4 sheet [tutorial here]
My Lent card is very simple, and opens to show the negative/positive ideas. Temptation to be lazy, selfish, greedy, wasteful and unkind [and one blank for the children to add their own idea] And opposite this, thinking about having the right approach to working, speaking, helping, sharing, and using things.
We have another task to complete on Sunday morning, but I will explain that one later!
Fortunately numbers will be lowish this weekend as it is half-term. It has taken me ages to fold and assemble these cards. Even looking at my own tutorial, I couldn't remember how to fold the paper sheet and stick it into the card cover!

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