Thursday, 15 February 2018

I Believe In Angels

It is twenty years this week since Antony Gormley's amazing sculpture"Angel Of The North appeared on a hillside in Gateshead. Valentine's Day 1998. Here he is, next to his creation.
It very nearly didn't get there! You can read the amazing story here
I don't really like much modern art, but we visited Newcastle in April 2007, and I was incredibly impressed by this mighty figure, arms outstretched as if to protect the North East. I cannot find the picture Bob took of little me beside the enormous feet!
This brief video clip gives some idea of the size and majesty of the construction.
I think it is amazing. It has withstood gales and appalling weather conditions. Despite initial reservations, the highways Agency now believe it actually contributes to safer roads rather than being the distraction to drivers they initially feared. It has incredibly deep foundations, and so it stands firm through the seasons.
It is a great reminder to me of the comforting words of Psalm 91 - The Lord will command his angels concerning you- to keep watch over you, wherever you go...

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