Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Where Did Napoleon Keep His Armies?

...up his sleevies!
There's no joke like an old joke, as they say. 
Bob's problem recently hasn't been old jokes, but old jumpers. The sleeves have got saggy and baggy. When we were engaged, his Mum taught me how to 'pick up and knit down' from the top of the sleeve ribbing to make fresh cuffs. A useful skill with handknits- but not possible with machine made sweaters.
However, you can improve things if you've got a sewing machine [or two]
I restitched the sleeve seams on my machine, tapering the cuffs. Then I trimmed the surplus fabric and overlooked the raw edges.
That's a stack of five jumpers which will last a bit longer!
This evening is the GPP. Monday was spent in tidying up. A good move - I found the birthday gift I purchased for Rosie in November, put away 'safely' and then mislaid.

I have no idea why I put it into a bag of wool! We will be "flippin busy" this evening. Drop in if you are nearby

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