Monday, 12 February 2018

The Cat's Whiskers

Eighteen months ago, I borrowed this book from the library, and reviewed it here.
"I have no idea if I shall ever make any of these for Rosie" I said at the time.
Well, I did, a few weeks later, I made the reversible pinafore dress with a bicycle print from the fabric shop in Hunstanton.
The book went back to the library, I thought no more about it.  

Then I had a message from Liz. Please could I make Rosie the cat cape from this book? It costs £55 to buy [what!!!] from Etsy, but the tutorial and pattern is free on-line.
So I downloaded the pattern, and checked the Great Stash for supplies. I had some black velour, but not enough to make the cloak, and not enough black lining fabric either.
Off to Fabricland, and the black materials cost around £10. I had the contrasts and Bondaweb and thread already. It was a simple pattern, but lots of detail, and fiddly to execute. It took me about 6 hours. So I guess if you are charging for your labour then maybe that price isn't too unreasonable.
I made the hood first, appliqued the features with bondaweb, and satin-stitching round the edge on the machine.
Then I made the cape, and the lining and sewed them together.
My only addition to the pattern was to add a little hanging loop inside the neckline. I know you can hang capes like this by their hood, or fasten the button and loop and use that over a hook - but imho those methods can easily damage the garment. Here is is...all ready for her birthday party


  1. That is so cute! And it looks like a lot of work! Beautiful job!

  2. Oh, what a wonderful cape! You did a great job!


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