Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Bobby Buddies On The Beat

PC Conroy of the Dorset Police had to take his small son to hospital - and noticed how much calmer the boy was when somebody gave him a soft toy to cuddle. That gave him an idea, and he enlisted the help of mum Tracey,  a keen knitter.  The idea of a Bobby Buddy was born.
Often children get caught up in situations where the police are involved : a family argument or a loved one going missing. As the police try and reassure these little ones, and build relationships with them, it can be helpful to have a bear around to distract the children from the difficult circumstances going on around them.
Mrs Conroy has written a simple pattern for knitted bears, and Dorset police are hoping to equip their patrol cars. [details here]
What a thoughtful innovation. Bear with me while I get out my needles...
UPDATE on yesterday's post. Whilst I really don't approve of scams, or cheap plastic carrier bags, I was amused this morning to hear that a group of enterprising young teenagers in Windsor were selling inexpensive Royal Wedding Souvenirs to tourists the other week. They'd bought up a load of carriers from a well known clothes store, which bear the initials of the happy couple, and were selling them on at £1each!


  1. What a lovely idea! However, I'm struggling to make sense of that pattern 😞

    I use the Teddies for Tragedies pattern which is similar but less bitty.


  2. That's a wonderful idea to have little bears to hand out during a stressful time!


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