Monday, 25 June 2018

Hope Is Hidden In The Stars

Here's my Story Tent at Fete On The Field 2016. 
To the right is our UCF flag which goes outside our premises every Sunday, and to the left an orange and purple roll-up banner which says "Hope"
Down the sides of said banner there are info panels about the story tent, held in place with bulldog clips.
Not the most professional of signs! I got my banner for £5 from a bloke on Swaffham Market - and have always intended to repaint it. It clearly came originally from Hope Community Church in Wymondham - but it had some spelling mistakes on it. I suspect that the church were given a replacement and this one wasn't worth keeping. Bob sprayed over the words with orange paint, leaving just 'hope'. Last year I did not use the banner. But I wanted to do something positive this summer, like paint "Story Tent"on it. 
Then I had a message from a friend - her son was having a clear out, did I want any spray graffiti paint?
Well you know me - why spend money when the item is being offered for free? I cut out some letters and stars from scrap paper. I  laid the banner on the lawn and sprayed three yellow bands across it. 
Then I put the letters and stars in place, and sprayed with blue paint. Peeled them off, and voila! Now it says all I need 
And here it is in front of the tent on Saturday

I didn't take many photos because I was so busy all day. But here's Bob puzzling over microphones in his sound tent.
Yes that is my sewing machine on the table. The British Legion had a "name the bear" competition. As the winner was announced I sewed a name label for the tee-shirt - here's Grant from the Legion holding Caramel


  1. Very handy being offered the paint you needed and what a gi-normous bear.
    Hope the story telling went well

  2. What a creative re-use of both the banner and the paint! Well done!

  3. You are so creative, especially when it comes to recycling and reusing things you have on hand!


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