Monday, 4 June 2018

Crowning Glory

Here's my take on one of the crafts I saw the Costessey Catholics doing last week at the Fair. At Church yesterday we were looking at Forgiveness. There's a song that says "Wear forgiveness like a crown" So I thought crowns would be a good theme for our children's craft.
You need at paper plate for each child 9"/23cm. The ladies had left theirs white- but I decided to paint mine beforehand to give a bit of added colour. Paint both sides of the plate. My plates had a shiny coating, and I found that watered-down acrylic paint worked well. I stuck on two strips- one said "Be kind to each other" [from Ephesians 4;2] The other said "Wear forgiveness like a crown"
Once dry, fold the plate in half. Cut down the centre to about 1" from the edge[on mine, this was where the ridged border started. Unfold the plate, and now refold along that cut. Cut down at a right angle, and make two further cuts halfway [south east and southwest] When you flatten the plate out it should look something like this.
Put some 'sticky fixer' sponge pads** towards the tip of each point. Allow the children to decorate the plate with pens, and stick a button on each sponge. When it is all done, gently fold up each point. You end up with a cute little crown.
They look a reminiscent of the Statue of Liberty'- but they were easy to make and proved very popular with the children. **I cut my fixers into 4 - you don't need a whole pad to stick down a button.
The children looked much cuter than me!


  1. I think you were obviously made to wear a crown! Clever craft.

  2. I shall wear one eventually! [2 Timothy 4;8]

  3. What a great craft! Paper plates are so utterly versatile on all occasions!

  4. What a great idea! I'll be borrowing this for my Sunday School class!

  5. Jan, make sure your plates are big enough - the slit need to be about 7"long


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