Wednesday, 6 June 2018


No! do not read that as Scar Face, but Scarf Ace. 
On Friday I called round to Jenny's house, as she'd sent me a picture earlier in the week of a large bag of fabric she was hoping to re-home. It had been languishing in her son's garage. I said I was on my way to a sale at the Bus Stop Club. You may remember that two years ago I did my first [and last!] abseil, to raise money for this local group, who do so much to help others.
"I'll come with you" said Jenny, which was lovely. It's always better to have company, especially when going to any sort of sale - but you need to pick the right person. One who will say "Yes -you should buy it!" or "Are you sure about that, Ang?"at the appropriate moments. Jenny is that sort of good friend. 
As we looked at the stuff on display, there were some brightly coloured bundles, tied up like lumpy puddings in cloths. Susan explained that Lush [who are a local company] had donated some scarves and some bath bombs, so they'd made little bundles of four bombs for £1. "I don't suppose you bath very often, Ang" said Jenny. We all fell about laughing, but I knew exactly what she meant - I usually take a shower.  
Under the table however was a box with more of the colourful scarves in. The fabric was a scratchy cheap cotton, and tbh was not really the sort of thing you'd actually want to tie round your neck. I wasn't sure who would buy these without the bonus of the bathbombs inside.I lifted one out. "This would make brilliant bunting" I said."Can I take one and make some for you to sell on your stall at at Fete on the Field in three weeks' time?" "Take them all!" said Susan. I explained that one teatowel makes 15feet of bunting, so I really only needed three or four. I ended up with 5 in my bag. 
2 squares made 90 flags, which I then strung on tape to make 6 packs, each 10 feet/3metres long. Then I cut up the third scarf and made 20 handbag tissue packs. 
As well as the scarves I used some of Jenny's fabric to bag the bunting and line the tissue packs. I had a spare roll of bunting tape, and some packets of tissues in the Great Stash. I packaged the strings into cellophane bags with a tag.
So Jenny and I have managed to declutter, and we hope the BSC will be able to raise more funds.


  1. What a great way to use the fabric!

  2. Fantastic. Well done. The bunting looks really great.


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