Friday, 22 June 2018

Liquid Sunshine?

Last week I did something I have not done for forty years- I purchased some Heinz Salad Cream! You see, my future MIL was Belgian, and she made the most divine mayonnaise i have ever tasted. I was marrying into a family who only ever put 'proper' mayo on their salads.
This was a bit rough on a girl whose experience of salad to that point involved church functions where one was served with slices of ham, accompanied by lettuce, cuc and tom, drizzled generously with one of Mr H's 57 varieties. 
This was what Baptist girls in East Anglia expected at the Harvest Supper, and the Anniversary Tea! I was used to the familiar curvy bottle on the table.

In 1978, I went 'cold turkey' overnight [actually, cold turkey sandwiches are fabulous if spread with a little mayo...] I never purchased Heinz SC again. But Heinz SC has been around for well over a century [altho the bottle has evolved]

In the 1960s, once rationing had ended, Fanny Cradock and co were making amazingly colourful salads garnished with it.

In 1999, sales had dropped significantly, and Heinz announced it was being discontinued. There was an outcry - and so it was relaunched.

There were some very classy ad campaigns, promoting this 'pourable sunshine'  [but who wants to pour, when you can spoon the lush golden gloopiness that is best home made Belgian mayo?]

But sales haven't picked up - and now Heinz say that they are not going to stop producing the stuff- but they are going to rename it SANDWICH CREAM. It appears that the majority of people who buy this product are not using it on their salads. 
I saw some on offer at 60%off so I bought a bottle. 
Watch the blog to see what I'm using the Salad Cream for .. [but I'm still using mayo with my salads] 


  1. I've always liked salad cream (I refuse to call it sandwich cream) on fish fingers.

  2. The big debate over here is between mayo and Miracle Whip, which is similar to mayo, but isn't. I personally prefer Miracle Whip to mayo, but, will buy whichever is on sale. I have never seen the Heinz salad cream, here, though. Heinz is better known for ketchup, over here.

  3. We were always a Mayonnaise family. I hadn't tried Salad Cream all my childhood until I was a teenager and became good friends with the Minister's daughter at the URC and had it at her house. I discovered it was delicious on Chip Shop chips which I would bring to Liz's house after my shift sometimes! I never had it again after they moved to Yorkshire a few years later!x

  4. I love salad cream, but there's room in my life for mayonnaise too. I'm looking forward to some recipes on your blog using it.

  5. I am a mayo person as well these days but, as a teenager, I remember that nothing hit the spot like a sandwich with very thin ham and salad cream. Top Notch


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