Friday, 29 June 2018

Mane Event

I finally got going on the lion costume. It's been so hot and working with fur fabric is messy at the best of times. In hot sticky weather it is worse.
I used a simple pyjama pattern and.a polycotton fabric because the lion is in a charity relay event. In this weather a fur fabric onesie would prove impossibly hot!

I cut out the fabric on the dining table, then took over the lounge,  setting up the ironing board, and the sewing machine - watching TV whilst I worked.
However, my young friend was insistent that he should have a furry mane. 
So I made a separate fur hood, with ears, which fastens with velcro and can be easily removed. 

Because the lion doesn't like face paint, I also made a mask. I found a template online, and used that as the basis for a mask - the brows and nose are wide machined satin stitch, the lower part of the nose and cheeks are appliqued felt.
The whole thing stays on with an elastic strap.

Not sure if this lion looks very cowardly though... 
Whilst the machine was out, I also made a Superhero Cloak for the Summer Kid's Club next month.
Last year I did a cloak and a waistcoat-
 this year I simply removed the badge from the waistcoat and put that on a cloak instead [Miriam is using the same characters in the drama]
Finally, before I put away the sewing machine, I made yet another length of bunting. 
I've been asked to produce a piece which says "The Living Room"
For the sake of speed and economy, I used two remnants form the stash [cream, and a piece of blue floral Laura Ashley cotton] I made 15 flags using the two colours back to back, then alternated them, and ironed on red letters with Bondaweb.
The letters were cut from the scraps left over from the superhero cape. I put hearts in between the words [cut from the centre of the two O's in 'room'] and also used mini hearts instead of dots over the I's


  1. That's a wonderful lion costume! I like the bunting, too! They don't seem to be quite as popular here, as they seem to be over there, but I think I shall make one for my crafts room, once I have that room all organized!

  2. Wonderful costume and bunting! I've had to move my sewing downstairs for the summer. My craft room is upstairs and it's just too hot up there right now.

  3. You are very creative and generous with your time. Great costume.

  4. I agree with Margie's comment. You are incredibly kind and generous with your time and gifts. The lion is excellent! I HATE facepaints so I would be with the recipient of the suit on preferring a mask!


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