Sunday 2 February 2020

02.02.2020 - A Palindromic Candlemas

A lovely palindromic date makes today special. 
I was sad on Friday, I admit, but yesterday I found snowdrops blooming in the garden - these flowers are a symbol of hope. They are also known as Candlemas Bells- reminding us that Jesus is the Light of the world. Today is the feast of Candlemas.

 In the Church Year this marks the end of 40 days of the Christmas Season, and recalls the time when Mary and Joseph took baby Jesus to the Temple to be blessed.[Luke ch 2] They met the widow Anna, and the elderly Simeon - humble saints, seeking to follow God. I have adapted a Candlemas prayer from this website 

Christ, who brought light to the world;
Shine your light where our world is dark.

Mary and Joseph brought doves to be sacrificed in the temple,
the sacrifice demanded of those too poor to afford a lamb.
Christ, you knew poverty on earth
and understand the pain and suffering that it brings.   
Shine your light in situations of poverty.

Simeon prophesied and told Mary in the temple:
‘‘This child is destined to cause the falling and rising of many
…and a sword will pierce your own soul too.’
Christ, you knew conflict on earth
and experienced the violence and the hurt that it brings.   
Shine your light in situations of conflict.

Simeon praised the Father as he met the Christ child,
he prayed ‘My eyes have seen your salvation.’
Christ, you saw on earth how in need of salvation humanity was,
and still is, and you wept.   
Shine your light in situations of spiritual darkness. 

And may our lives reflect your light of love, joy, peace and hope


  1. That palindromic date is so special! I am glad you found something that signified hope; we are all in need of hope at this time, I feel.

  2. That is a great date! The prayer is beautiful and much needed.

  3. Here in France it is traditional to eat pancakes at Candlemas (Chandeleur)but I don't know why.
    Maybe I'll make pancakes for tonight...

    1. I've not heard that tradition before. Pancakes are good ANY day IMHO. We're already planning for our big Shrove Tuesday party in 3 weeks time.

  4. ...on top of which we also had a baptism during Mass this morning.

  5. Aren't snowdrops so cheery? They're such staunch little flowers. Mine have pushed themselves through the gravel to show their beautiful selves.


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