Friday, 28 February 2020

Happy Families!

This week, had he still been with us, my Dad would have celebrated his 96th birthday. He was an amazing, wonderful person - and full of joy and love [as anyone who ever met him will tell you] In January, Liz sent me a picture of Rosie enjoying her fish and chips - and it reminded me so much of a picture someone took of Dad on his 70th birthday...
I miss Dad - but I am so grateful for the family I have around me now - and Dad would be so proud of them all too. So whilst I am not sending Dad a birthday card this week, it is still the week when the family celebrates 3 other birthdays - Rosie, my niece Lucy, and then today, my son-in-law Gary. This picture was Christmas 2018, when we were all together at Cornerstones. Gaz at the back, Lucy on the right, and Rosie centre front [as usual] Happy birthday to these three special people, who continue to bring love and joy into our family life.


  1. Such a look of joy on Rosie's face!

    Happy birthday to all who will be celebrating a birthday, this week!

  2. My saddest moments are always when I think about my dad and how he has missed out on seeing his great grandchildren and his grandchildren's weddings - all these family events and he is the one always missing.

  3. Gary has the same birthday as me!!!! Happy birthday Gary!
    I love the comparison between your father and Rosie! Rosie is SUCH a cutie and your father sounds a wonderful person!


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