Thursday 13 February 2020

He's Behind You!

We've just got back from our annual Baptist Conference in Cheltenham. It was really good. But there was an added unexpected surprise.
On the first day, this vehicle was spotted in the Hotel Car Park. 

Gloucestershire Live website had an interesting article about this lot.
And when I looked over my shoulder at breakfast on Tuesday, there was Nick Knowles and co, chatting to some Baptist Ministers
I returned to my room after breakfast, and met Billy in the corridor right outside my room. I had a huge hug and a selfie!
Yes they are as cheerful and friendly as they appear on screen. A really affable crowd.
I think DIY-SOS is a good programme - they go and work very hard to make living conditions better for a family in difficulties.That has to be considered a positive thing to do. They get the local community involved, and they all work together to build a better future for people who have often lost hope.
You can follow the story of the Chapman family rebuild here. Nick wasn't sure when the programme would be shown on TV - probably after the summer. 
This lot are definitely poster boys for my #word365 INSPIRE


  1. Wow, mixing with the stars! I love the photo of you at breakfast with Nick Knowles at the table behind. Great selfie. I never fail to cry when I watch this programme. The fact that so many builders, electricians, plumbers etc turn out to help a family in need is always inspiring.

  2. Hi Angela, I live in Cheltenham and am a member of a local Baptist church. I didn't know anything about a recent conference here though! Can you tell us more, please? I'm intrigued!

    1. Hi Pam. It was the Southern Counties Baptist Association annual conference for ministers, church leaders and spouses. I get to go because Bob is a Rev. I know there are some great Baptist churches in and around Cheltenham - but I don't know if your minister was there, sorry! We were staying at the Doubletree Hilton. A rare treat for me to stop in a posh hotel!

  3. Awww yes, they do inspire!!! Lovely things they do!


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