Wednesday, 12 February 2020

...Happily Ever After

The latest batch of Memory Bears were completed on Saturday - and I used the leftover fabric to make a patchwork cushion for another member of the family.
These safety eyes came from Hobbycraft. I liked the blue colour - but found them a lot harder to fix than the brown ones I'd found in The Range and Fabricland last year!
Each bear has a little khaki backpack, and I also used that fabric for the edges of the cushion. I realise that almost all the shirts I've been given for bears thus far have been in shades of blue - the khaki shirt was quite unexpected! 


  1. Those memory bears are sure to be appreciated by the family, Angela. The patchwork cushion is another good idea!

  2. The bears are gorgeous Ang, such a good idea and you're so talented.

  3. I love these bears as Memorial projects, can you tell me what pattern this is?? take care and Happy Sewing from Iowa

    1. Melody, this is the HowJoyful Bear, you can download it here.

  4. They are so beautiful! I'm intrigued- have you made any to remember a woman at all? I wonder what those would look like!


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